Sunday, May 06, 2012

Election Board complaint issued over pro-Amendment One mailer in North Carolina

Amongst members of the lgbtq community and our supporters, there have been whispering suspicions that one of the reasons why the National Organization for Marriage fights tooth-and-nail to keep its donor lists secret is because perhaps the Catholic Church leadership itself may be involved in with NOM's efforts to hinder marriage equality at a level which would raise some serious questions regarding ethics and the legality of a  religious organization interjecting itself into political battles.

And now there has been a complaint about it  in regards to the Amendment One fight in North Carolina

According to the Charlotte News & Observer:

The Catholic Dioceses of North Carolina have contributed $100,000 to the effort to put a ban on gay marriage and civil unions in the state constitution. And now the Raleigh Diocese has sent a mailer titled "Why Traditional Marriage Matters" that is prompting a complaint to the N.C. State Board of Elections.

Carol Love, the former executive director of Common Cause North Carolina, a liberal-advocacy group, questions whether the group filed the proper campaign paperwork for the mailer and filed a complaint. A staffer at the elections board told her the no records reflected the political expenditure. "My complaint is that the Catholic Diocese of Raleigh does not seem to be adhering to all state, and possibly federal, election and lobby laws, including reporting requirements, and request that the Board of Elections investigate this matter," Love wrote.

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Hat tip to LGBTQ Nation.

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Jim Stone said...

I wish someone in the Justice Dept. would have balls enough to cut the tax exempt status of all of these churches ESPECIALLY when they inject their noses in our politics!!! Trust Dad is rolling in his grave knowing that the money he threw in the basket every Sunday is now being used to discriminate against me and my partner...

Christina Johnson said...

Jim, just so you know, there are several denominations of Christianity that are welcoming and affirming of members of the queer community. For example, the United Church of Christ has a specific committee for queer concerns. Also, there is a group that helps keep minority concerns in mind called HUGS (historically underrepresented groups). That being said, hopefully your father rests easy knowing that not all Christians are raising money to discriminate, but to show love and serve our communities.

Although, they do also get inolved in politics when it comes to supporting initiatives that do things like close the income gap, provide more health care for more people, or support equality.

I hope all the best for you and yours! ^.^