Saturday, August 11, 2012

Waaaaah! The gays are picking on me!!!

In the middle of the fest about Mitt Romney picking Paul Ryan, here is something we missed, but I'm sure the National Organization for Marriage won't.

Hold on to your hula hoops because this first paragraph is hilarious:

The gay movement is not a random assortment of motley rebels. It is highly organized, with major nerve centers in places like the Human Rights Coalition. The movement has its prominent generals, such as Dan Savage and Wayne Besen.

In other words, this is a movement equipped to pick its battles. In 1999, history was made because Vermont's high court legalized same-sex civil unions. The battle plan then could have been to focus on civil unions, forging a new model of romantic commitment in a nation where the old notion of "marriage" had long suffered from stasis.

That sounds like something coming from Bryan Fischer or Porno Pete LaBarbera, but guess who wrote that hilarious missive.

Oscar Robert Lopez, whom I wrote about earlier this week. Lopez is a self-described bisexual college professor who claims that he was raised in a same-sex household and that made his life difficult.

I don't have a problem with that. But what I do have a problem with is that Lopez is slowly but surely attempting to make himself the point man in what is becoming a quiet war waged against same-sex couples raising children.

In that same piece about his childhood, he vouched for a recent study on gay parenting that has come under fire for numerous errors.

The paragraph above (which insults me personally because I thought I was a general in the gay rights movement) is from a new piece he wrote claiming that the gay community is waging a war against him because of his earlier piece.

Without going into actual detail, Lopez channels Vanessa Redgrave when she played Mary of Scotland on the way to the chopping block:

Since my article came out, I have been through far worse than I ever thought would happen. My job is at risk, and worst of all, my coworkers received an e-mail from a gay rights organization with the title "COMPLAINT AGAINST CSUN'S ROBERT LOPEZ: GAY BASHER." Soon I got e-mails from administrators. People really investigate claims like this.

Gay basher?

What the heck has this movement come to?

For God's sake, I am a bisexual raised by a lesbian couple, who helped countless people dying of AIDS. I've spent my life cleaning up the messes left by gay politics. I wrote an honest essay. That's bashing?

The gay marriage movement has finally crossed the line into insanity. They must burn their own villages to save them from their phantasmal bullies. All the real things that gays could do to improve their real problems are right before their eyes: be humane to one another, forgive others, care for their most needy, and most of all, pick their battles. Support pro-life politicians and adopt foster kids saved from abortion. Vote for Republicans who believe in school vouchers, get bullied gays into safer schools... But they choose not to. They have dedicated themselves to a scorched-earth campaign for gay marriage.

In between giving command performances of Mary, Queen of Scots, Lopez goes into detail about his personal life. Let those who do such things ruminate. I won't.

I would rather point out how he generalizes about the gay community. I'm not saying that he is lying about his persecution claims, but I don't think that it's a part of a larger effort to silence him.

And the irony is that while he accuses the gay community of missing the larger picture, it is obvious that he is a little blind himself. He mentions several things that we could be doing instead of pushing for marriage equality. Allow me to point out just how clueless he is:

Lopez - Support pro-life politicians and adopt foster kids saved from abortion.

Reality - First of all, how many "pro-life" politicians do you know believe in the concept of gay equality? Secondly, gays and lesbians are already adopting children, period. However if those supporting Lopez have their way, we won't even be allowed to do this.

Lopez - Vote for Republicans who . . . get bullied gays into safer schools...

Reality - And how many Republicans will actually speak about bullied gay students. And also, where has Lopez been when GLSEN (the Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network) have been doing their job about bullying? Where was Lopez when Dan Savage began "It Gets Better."  I find it hard to believe that Lopez doesn't know about Savage's work seeing that he chose to name him as a "general" in the gay rights movement (yeah I'm still pissed about that).

Basically it come down to this - I don't know what Lopez is facing but him playing the victim seems to follow the familiar blueprint of religious right organizations and figures when the gay community reacts to them calling us out.

I'm certainly not in favor of his job being in jeopardy (IF this is the case), nor am I in favor of name-calling, but the bottom line is this:

Don't screw with our families and expect us not to react.

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Anonymous said...

@HolyBullies, I am tired at the moment if I have time tomorrow maybe I'll go get you the quote. Lopez made a comment I'll paraphrase, "Gays complain to social services about their neighbors just so the gays can get social services to give the gay couple next door the chilfren."

If you go to the Chronicles of Higher Education and search under Regnerus you will see the articles.

After you read a few of his articles, and he has written several articles for that websit American Thinker, and read some of his comments you get the sense that there is some thing else going on.

You wonder how a guy raisedby a loving mother who as it turns out was a lesbain, and how he lived a gay identity until he was 28 why did he change? He wrote in one article how after his mother died when he was 19 there was family fighting so he basically ran away from home and moved to New York. He said some old Queens took him under their wings and got him back on his feet helped him get himself together and got the money to go back to college. They pushed him to get back into school. He wrote very poignently about those old New York Queens.

So what made him change i wondered. Well if you keep reading his articles he drop it in there casually, his Baptist church wrote him letters when he was in the military, and none of his gay friends did. Alright now this makes sense to me. BAPTIST! At age 28 he marrys a woman and wrote that he is dedicated to his wife and child and continues to resist his same sex attractions.

Now that you know he found religion, it all kind of makes sense doesn't it? You know those Baptists are taught to not associate with Reprobates. He writes frequently that he became a conservative, I wonder ehy he doesn't write if he is still a member of a faith community?

If you read his comments in the Regnerus articles at Chronicles of Higher Education, IMHO he was gay bashing. You line by the sword, you die by the sword. You wrote it, you own it.


Unknown said...

I'm sick of people throwing themselves in the spotlight then whining when they get booed. He chose to ally himself with NOM & Friend, to have his story posted on their websites as proof of the evil gay agenda, and he should have been prepared for the consequences.

If I were writing articles for some hate group trying to stop a mosque from being built, an idea with disturbingly large support here in Texas, I'd have no right to whine when my worklace started getting angry calls from Muslims and our Muslim customers sitched us.

Joel said...

I think you missed a dog whistle in there. His second point wasn't about stopping bullies in schools. It's about vouchers, implying that public schools are unsafe and irredeemable and only by getting gay students out of public schools can they be safe.

Anonymous said...

reply to S.G.

I went looking for the quote you referenced.

I haven't found it yet, but I found something else which made me wonder could this be true? Look at the comments to the story about DADT repeal.

Someone posted as coco_rico and then posted another comment claiming"Oh by the way, I wrote the above comment. My name is Robert Oscar Lopez. My appointment is at California State Northridge, and if any people want information from the other side of this debate, feel free to contact me at rolopez AT csun DOT E D U"

The claims which are very interesting are in the first comment and include "Hi, I am an assistant professor at California State Northridge. In 2010 I completed six months in the US Army, in active duty, at the enlisted ranks along with thousands of average kids recently recruited.


Nobody seems willing to listen to the information I compiled as a recruit for 6 months of Army active duty service. I guess being a private with a PhD and also queer somehow made me the last person on Earth anybody wants to hear from, but it’s important that somebody pay attention to this. Here is a rundown I prepared summarizing how the repeal will affect gay men:

How does a PhD enlist as an private in the army, and only for six month?

John B. said...

The problem with civil unions is that our opponents--NOM, their allies, and most of the other anti-gay groups working against same-sex marriage--are absolutely opposed to civil unions as well. This is something we need to emphasize over and over again: they want us to have NOTHING, even as polls show a strong majority of Americans--around 2/3--think we should have either one or the other; the only real issue is whether to call them "marriages" or "civil unions". But why should we push for civil unions when that's something neither side wants or supports?

Chris said...

I love that "traveling to my mom's lesbian partner's trailer 50 minutes outside of town on weekends" qualifies as "being raised by lesbian parents". In no way is that a normal scenario; it is more akin to being raised by divorced parents who happen to interact on weekends

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