Monday, September 24, 2012

'Did Rick Perry threaten to sue to clamp down on gay rumors' and other Monday midday news briefs

Report: Rick Perry Aides Battled Gay Rumor With Lawsuit Threat - Now I ain't one to gossip but (dodges a big bolt of lightning) but this is an interesting story.  

Jesse Ventura: MN marriage ban is 'most flagrant discrimination you've ever seen - I always did like Jesse Ventura, even when he was a bad guy in pro-wrestling.  

Washington Archbishop Claims ‘Human Society Would Be Harmed Beyond Repair’ By Marriage Equality - I personally think sexual abuse of children would be a bigger problem for human society, but far be it from me to be "implying" anything.  

NJ Defender of Ex-Gay Therapy Can’t Even Provide One Client As Evidence Of Success - Surprising who? 

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1 comment:

bites and kisses said...

So, wait, all of society would be harmed? Has he ever been out side? I mean c'mon most countries (at least from my understanding)have legalized gay marriage, and guess what not only has society not collapsed but, the world still exists! WOW! Who'd have thunk it?