Friday, September 28, 2012

Focus on the Family video sets new standard for incoherence

To Focus on the Family or anyone else making videos to send a message, the first rule about making them is the videos HAVE TO MAKE SENSE:


I reiterate - WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!!

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Airika said...

The problem with this video is that the maker is asserting that they believe that supporting gay marriage and upholding religious beliefs go against each other when really the two have nothing to do with each other. It's just another person that believes his religion should be law. I think that's why this video won't make sense to most people because we understand that religion and law are two different things.

Anonymous said...

What the hell just happened!?

Mike Schwarzott said...

I think this flies in the face of IRS laws for 501 (c)(3) organizations. i hope someone sends it to the IRS to investigate. Too many years they have been pushing the limits, now to get their tax exempt status pulled.

b-chica said...

Clearly someone is too stupid to realize that some people have both a clumsy cat and a dog that hates shoes. And that there are people who have some sort of religious faith but also believe gay couples should be treated fairly because "god" made them that way. Either that he wants a totally 1 dimensional leader.

Broken-Winged Cherub said...

I might feel a little left out... yes... if I didn't believe that love is love, and feel perfectly comfortable seeing both tracks of loving families side by side at the same time. This guy is probably totally unaware of the fact that from a certain (non-bigoted) point of view, he just defeated his own argument with panache.

Pope Bandar bin Turtle said...

What we've got here is failure to communicate.

Anonymous said...

[Ratings and comments disabled]

It's like they knew people would be asking what they just watched.

Unknown said...

@ 2:23 Sheppard: “The candidate want’s each group to think about him a certain way. But the important question is, what do these two videos together suggest that the candidate thinks about you. No matter which side you’re on, I think you know.”

Typical projection.

As has been suggested above:

Stewart Sheppard is suggesting that Obama is playing “both” sides of the field for the sake of votes.

Sheppard et al., thinks heterosexual parenting (marriage) and homosexual parenting (marriage) are FUNDAMENTALLY antithetical, and Obama could only be for one side or the other, but he’s making it SEEM like he’s for “both” sides.

Because in their minds, we couldn’t possibly be “All in this together.”