Thursday, September 20, 2012

'Paris Hilton on tape saying extremely hateful things about gay men' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Paris Hilton Makes Homophobic Comments, Proclaims Most Gay Men 'Probably Have AIDS' - Paris Hilton is on tape saying some NASTY things about gay men in general. Let this be a lesson to our community. Stop falling over vapid celebrities and anointing them as our heroes just because they may pretend to support our causes. Our heroes should be everyday people from our community who rarely get the due they deserve. It is THESE people who deserve the spotlight.

 'Don't Ask, Don't Tell' One-Year Repeal Anniversary: 25 Amazing Moments - Remember what the religious right said would happen if DADT was repealed? It's not hard to remember. They said the same things would happen if lgbt-inclusive hate crimes protection was passed. And now they are 0 for 2. The problem is that we have not brought it to anyone's attention. Lesson two for the gay community - when egg is face of the religious right, please broadcast it for the world to know.  

Televangelist Joel Osteen Did Not Choose To Be Straight, But Still Says Homosexuality Is A Choice - Televangelist Joel Osteen caught in a contradiction. Will he pray about it? Doubtful.

 Blackwell: Obama Administration 'An Active Participant' in Labeling Conservatives 'As Haters and Bigots' - I PERSONALLY resent that seeing that I have been an active participant in labeling some conservatives as "bigots and haters." Hey, if the shoe fits.

 Broward County Schools in South Florida First in Nation to Recognize LGBT History Month - Awesome news! 

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