Thursday, September 27, 2012

'Religious right spokesman caught telling a HUGE lie about Romney rally' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Exclusive: Conservs (like Matt Barber) trying to pass off Obama '08 rally as a Romney '12 event - Looks like Matt Barber has been caught RED-HANDED lying about the size of Romney's rally. (so much about the Biblical verses regarding truth). Good job, Goodasyou

 An Obama rally from 2008 (photo courtesy of Wonkette/Getty Photos)


And what how religious right spokesman Matt Barber distorted this photo today:


Minnesota Vikings’ Chris Kluwe Attacked As Pedophile For Supporting LGBT Equality - Hot mess number one:


Fischer: Thanks to DADT Repeal, We Can 'Expect to See More Instances of Pedophilia' in the Military - Hot mess number two. Actually that's not true. I keep telling folks not to get so angry at Bryan Fischer that we don't recognize what good he does our side. He is so outrageously homophobic that he undercuts the "sweet and light" message of bigotry propagated by folks like Maggie Gallagher. In other words, put this fool on center stage with a HUGE spotlight: 

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