Monday, October 22, 2012

Anti-gay group gave $100,000 to black pastors for 'wedge strategy'

Owens got $20,000 from NOM
When the media talks about the small group of black pastors attempting to sabotage President Obama's African-American support, there is something that I think they should give first mention.

It yanks my nerves when folks jump into the discussion about this non-controversy regarding black pators angry over Obama's support of marriage equality WITHOUT expressing the point first of all that these pastors are bought and paid for by the National Organization for Marriage,  who has endorsed Obama's opponent, Mitt Romney.

So the following quote from Bill Owens from a September article in the Washington Blade should bring it home to those confused - whether willfully or not - about the situation:

In the wake of internal documents from NOM leaked earlier this year, Owens was asked by CNN’s Dan Merica about having a connection with the anti-gay group. The pastor confirmed the anti-gay group compensates him. “They pay my salary,” Owens said. “My wife … has an earned doctorate from Vanderbilt University and I have three degrees, we make a combined salary of $20,000 a year because they were kind enough to pick us up, because we did not have funds, and they said we can put you in the budget for $20,000. So we are in relationship with them and I’m very proud of it.”

Owens, by the way, is one of the ring leaders of the nonsense. He is the leader of CAAP (Coalition of African-American Pastors), the organization which began the plan to sabotage Obama's African-American support.
NOM siphoned $80,000 to Jackson

He is also a member of God Said, another group of African-American pastors seeking to siphon 25% of the African-American vote from Obama.

My opinion is that CAAP and God Said are comprised of the same members.

Involved in both groups is Bishop Harry Jackson, a pastor whom NOM has given $80,000 through two different organizations.

In the Bible (Mark 8:36), there is a verse which asks For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

Apparently to $100,000 sounds good to some black pastors.

I wonder how much the other black pastors involved with Jackson and Owens are getting.

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Christopher Robinson said...

Good. I hate these bastards, but get back to me when they do more than pocket the money. Where are the crowds? The rallies? What effect have they had on the issue? They are stealing from their employers. It is afroturfing to no effect. They are a money sink--absorbing dollars that might otherwise go to more effects forms of treachery. It's frustrating to hear them and I hate to see them profit, but really, I have not seen them galvanize the community nor even point to any large churches that they, themselves, have brought into the anti-gay fold. Expose them sure, but worry about them? Nah. Am I wrong?