Tuesday, October 16, 2012

'Bryan Fischer gets DESTROYED on CNN' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Wow! Homophobe Bryan Fischer gets destroyed on CNN. This is what happens when folks like Fischer get challenged on their rhetoric.

 In other news:  

New NOM-branded video equates marriage equality with drug dealing, incest, and pedophilia - And we are surprised why?

 Gay, Chinese Campbell Vice Mayor Verbally Assaulted- No respect at all. 

 Iowa: Homophobic misogynist pastor wants to slap woman for objecting to his anti-LGBT activism - If that pastor EVEN HINTED this sort of thing in my church, there would be a rumble which would make Armageddon look like a tea party. And yes, I would get some shots in if it was MY mother he said this about. 

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Mykelb said...

I wish these "journalists" would just come right out and say it,"Mr. Fischer, we cannot promote your religious fascism in our secular schools. Those who want to proseltyze their religion in the school system are breaking the law. You sir, advocate the illegal and immoral position of forcing your religion on others in the secular schools and you have no right under the law to do that."

oruboris said...

Fisher's plan would turn it into a day against bullying EXCEPT for LGBT students... so basically it would turn into 'smear the queer' day...