Thursday, October 25, 2012

Chris Kluwe records hilarious ad for marriage equality

I LOVE this ad from Minnesota Vikings Chris Kluwe which speaks against Minnesota ballot initiative to outlaw marriage equality in the state. It's funny, to the point, and most of all, puts those seeking to push this nonsense on the defensive:

Hat tip to Joe Jervis.

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DavidKCMO said...

This radio a is perfect. Anti marriage equality groups/people can't contest the content of it. Well, they could, at the risk of looking like huge liar since the ad points to exactly what they want.

Anonymous said...

Kluwe, I love you, as much as a hetrosexual man who has never met you can love another man. Keep up the good fight. I will vote No on Nov. 6th. Thank you for taking a stand.

Rocky Olson said...

As we move into the future people will look back and wonder what the big deal was..
I don't know how people can deny equal rights to their families, their neighbors, etc..but in the name of a little black book of myths people do it..
People need to remember that marriage was created as a transference of property and power, and had nothing to do with love..
We should have the same rules as Europe..if you are committed you have a civil union..then IF you want the marriage ceremony you do that after..

Cathy the Spherical said...

I'm starting to love Chris Kluwe. Humor is such an awesome weapon against bigotry. And, for the record, I'm another Minnesota Catholic who'll be voting "NO"

Lee Merrick said...

Chris Kluwe, there is a reason that I own a MN Vikings jersey with your name on it. (It is the only jersey I own, Vikings or otherwise!) You are a hero for standing up to those who would bully and use their bigotry to amend the MN Constitution. I will vote NO twice on Tuesday, November 6--No to the Constitutional amendment, and No to the Voter ID law aimed at rebuilding the Jim Crow laws.