Tuesday, October 30, 2012

'Gays = Cannibals?' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Mark Regnerus Admits His ‘Family Structures’ Study Wasn’t About Gay Parenting - So he finally admits it!

 Linda Harvey Compares Homosexuality to Cannibalism - To answer questions, we monitor crazy mess like this to give it a pushback in front of the young lgbts who are watching and need someone to call bullshit for what it is. And trust me when I say, that our lgbt children ARE watching.

 Nearly 3,000 schools expected to participate today in Mix It Up at Lunch Day - In other words, the American Family Association's attempt at disrupting this event is failing.  

Milestones in LGBT Parenting History - An awesome graphic which needs to be saved and passed out.

 WA: Knights of Columbus chip in another $50K; top 6 donations from two out-of-state Catholic groups - One would think that the Washington State Knights of Columbus would use their money for more important purposes. 

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