Friday, October 12, 2012

'Video defense of anti-gay hate group falls FLAT' and other Friday midday news briefs

Video: Bradlee Dean defends FRC by offending vast majority - Wow! If Bradlee Dean tried to defend the Family Research Council against the charges of being a hate group with the following video, he does a sh@@ty job:


 In other news:

 Nordstrom Joins Starbucks, Microsoft, & Amazon in Support of Referendum 74 - More companies standing up for marriage equality is always a good thing.

 Bryan Fischer: No Dialogue, No Middle Ground On LGBT Equality - When it comes to folks like Bryan Fischer, I agree. You will lose, Bryan.

 Coming Out Improves LGBT Youth Happiness, Family Ties - Remember that when religious right spokespeople (I'm especially talking to you, Peter Sprigg) trot out numbers about how "detrimental" the supposed homosexual lifestyle is, they always omit that it's because that we have to deal with homophobia. This study proves that point.

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Unknown said...

It baffles me how uninformed and narrow minded this guy is. I feel like I just dropped a few I.Q points by just watching this.

Rob P said...

I only lasted for 4 minutes 39 seconds.

Zaruyache said...

I got to the part where he said that "science" was the study of creation, and therefore having to do with the Bible, and had to stop. Not going to subject myself to another ten minutes of that blathering idiot.

aNorthWestView said...

How can any body be so stupide and clueless as to think they are countering the points made by the SPLC by defending themselves with the exact things that SPLC says they do?

Not to mention the total lack of understanding of what Science is. It is no wounder that out country is falling behind not only the developed world but the developing world in the Sciences!