Thursday, November 15, 2012

'Marriage equality a plot to destroy religious liberty?' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Controversial pastor Scott Lively considers running for governor of Massachusetts - This hateful individual is part responsible for the hell Ugandan lgbts are going through right now. He isn't going to win should he choose to run, but still . . . DAMN!

 Barber: Gay Marriage is a Weapon Designed to Destroy Religious Liberty - Aw hell! Who told him? I swear dishy gay men CANNOT stop revealing our secret plans! 

 Today in religious freedom: MN Catholic church denies confirmation to 17-year-old equality backer - I suppose some folks may find this appropriate but it is probably the main reason why Christianity is losing a lot of points in America.  

Worldwide Transgender Murders Increased By 20 Percent In 2012 - This ain't good. Stay strong, brothers and sisters.  

Sharing the Stories of LGBT Youth: Izabela, 17, From Lincoln, Neb. - Let's end these news briefs on a positive note. Anytime our lgbt children can speak out and share their stories is positive. 

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Jon said...

Not only did they ban the boy from confirmation. The priest is denying all sacraments to his entire family. All over a Facebook picture. Not cool.

Rob P said...

Actually, prohibiting gay couples from marrying would destroy religious freedom. There are churches, synagogues, mosques, & temples who will marry gay couples, but they are not allowed to.

And when the state allows gay couples to marry, those churches, synagogues, mosques, & temples that don't want to won't have to. Long before the whole gay marriage issue erupted, churches, et. al. could refuse to marry any couple they didn't want to. For example, Catholic chusrches will not marry someone who has been divorced.