Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Plan to sabotage Obama's African-American support fails

Today is the day which so many people have been working - whether through good works or evil works - towards. For now, it looks good. We are talking about a historical presidential election here, more important than the last.

Those of us rooting and working hard for President Obama and marriage equality have our hopes up tremendously. And while we are waiting for it to be over with our fingers crossed, we can take solace in one thing.

The plan to keep African-Americans from the polls failed tremendously. It was a plan by the Coalition of African-American Pastors (CAAP) (which some believed was secretly backed by NOM) to tell black folks that Obama is pushing them over for the gay community and therefore, they shouldn't vote for him.

More specifically, that they shouldn't vote at all.

It was a plan which was doomed to fail. We all knew it and I think CAAP knew it also.

The idea that black folks would spit on the memory of those who fought to gain us the right to vote simply because of a disagreement on marriage equality was ludicrous. And it was insulting that an organization (whoever was funding CAAP) would think that greasing the palms of a few pastors with less scruples than integrity would give them the power to turn back historical mindsets.

This is what CAAP was up against and it was the reason why they failed:

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GDad said...

Amen, brother!