Friday, November 16, 2012

'Religious right lashes out at black voters for pro-Obama, pro-marriage equality votes' and other Friday midday news briefs

Religious right lashes out at African-Americans over pro-Obama, pro-marriage equality votes:

 Linda Harvey - Ninety-three percent of African Americans voted for Obama in this election. Where are the Christians? Where are those who choose candidates based on the content of his or her character? Is it safe to conclude that ninety-three percent of African Americans are now in favor of homosexuality as marriage, late-term and sex-selection abortions, and they love the idea of limiting opportunity be penalizing success in this country? Do all this ninety-three percent agree that people of faith should be forced to pay for other people’s abortion-causing drugs? These are drugs that kill unborn babies. This is a human rights issue of the first magnitude and I am guessing there are plenty of black women and men who would have a problem with this if they chose to open their eyes about these policies aggressively supported by Obama and his administration, and now America has signed on for four more years of this.  

Michael Brown - I simply do not understand how my black evangelical friends who so staunchly oppose same-sex marriage and who stand against abortion could cast their vote for the most radically pro-abortion, pro-gay-activist president in our history. Was there no moral compromise involved in voting for him? Are there no issues that could disqualify him in your eyes? And must Barack Obama be elected and then reelected in order to make up for past injustices, as one black evangelical woman claimed?

Well gee, maybe it's because not all African-Americans are monolithic. Maybe we have our minds and don't jump every time some religious right organization pays off a greedy pastor to undermine our support of a candidate. And to answer Mr. Brown's question, we didn't vote for Obama for revenge. We voted for him because we felt he was the better candidate. And he was, too. It's nice to see these folks show their true faces. I wonder how many other religious right groups and figures feel this way but won't publicly say so.

 In other news:

 Fox News Downplays Major Election Night LGBT Victories - Color me not surprised. Personally I think the network was too busy trying to recover from Obama's victory. 

 Boykin: Gays, the left to blame for heterosexuals' inability to keep it in their pants - So in other words, gays are mind controlling heterosexuals to cheat with each other. Okay, that's another secret revealed by some big mouthed queen. I swear it's so hard to conduct an evil plan to destroy "normal society" when your fellow gays can't keep their mouths shut! 

 Oregon Democrats Nominate Country’s First Lesbian House Speaker - Sweet! 

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Richard T said...

I send you the binders of the people like them. >:-D

Toni Early said...

For one, it's really simple:

These aren't Christians.

They are mindless adherents to a misinterpreted, hateful and dogmatic interpretation of a book that is supposed to be about unconditional love and peace.

They have warped Christ's message and they continue to attempt to warp America into their way of thinking, which is not only wrong, but inherently evil.