Tuesday, November 27, 2012

'SPLC suing 'ex-gay' group for fraud' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

SPLC files groundbreaking lawsuit accusing conversion therapy organization of fraud - The Southern Poverty Law Center just filed a lawsuit against an ex-group on the grounds of fraud. Oh this is going to be GOOD!

  SPLC Files First-Ever Consumer Fraud Suit Against An Ex-Gay Group - A breakdown of the lawsuit by Zach Ford of Think Progress. 

 NOM's 'anti-defamation' guy rails against 'idiot' Chris Kluwe - NOM spokesman attacks Minnesota Vikings player and marriage equality supporter Chris Kluwe.  

Chris Kluwe responds to NOM's Damian Goddard - And Kluwe proceeds to dismantle him on twitter. Good fun!

 Cleveland Browns linebacker Tank Carder Tweets ‘faggot,’ doesn’t agree with being gay - Oh for crying out loud!

 Hagee: Gays Defiling America's Purity - There are just so many FUN ways to respond to that headline. 

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