Wednesday, November 14, 2012

'Teacher unfairly attacked for protecting gay student' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Florida Teacher Accused Of Turning Student Into Lesbian - What kind of world do we live in when teachers are falsely attacked for protecting gay students from abuse?

 Illinois Hate Group Encourages Bullying And Rejection Of Transgender Students - Apparently a world that anti-gay hate groups would love. 

 Tony Perkins gets another mainstream media pass - This is a hot mess. What the hell is The New York Times doing spotlighting FRC's Tony Perkins without giving a good view of the lies he and his organization, the Family Research Council, undertakes against the gay community? Indeed, evil triumphs when those who have the power to expose it do nothing.  

LaBarbera: Tammy Baldwin 'Hardly a Role Model,' Lacks 'Healthy, Wholesome Behaviors' - And Tammy Baldwin is also a United States Senator, Mr. LaBarbera. Meanwhile, you are a poor, pathetic man who masks his inner turmoil with homophobia. Let that stick in your craw.

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Anonymous said...

"The human rights campaign, should be called the human wrongs campaign" well, my goodness, isn't that clever.