Thursday, December 27, 2012

A video so homophobic that it would make a bigot swoon?

Welcome back to the game, so to speak. I hope your Christmas holiday for restful.

For my return, I thought I would post this old video which I gleaned from Youtube. It gets so many things wrong, it's like a homophobic bigot's wet dream:

One can envision Linda Harvey reacting to this video like the bobbysoxers reacted when they first heard Frank Sinatra sing.

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Anonymous said...

My favorite part is when he complains that we've made only two options available as a logical fallacy in order to farther the "homosexual agenda", and then DIRECTLY afterward starts talking about how "Evil is called good and good called evil". Of course, hypocrisy and contradictions are nothing new to homophobes, but it's amusing to see an example in such immediate consecutive order.

PJB863 said...

This caused a minor kerfluffle a couple of years ago. A couple of wingnut churches posted it, and then withdrew it because it was too twisted for Christianity. No one claimed it as being their own handiwork.

Zero-Equals-Infinity said...

People can become so inculcated in a narrative, and vested so deeply in it that everything is framed by it.

This is true whether it be the narrative of the dogmatically religious, or the ideologically committed. To see fairly, to be what Robert Heinlein called a 'fair witness' is challenging even for those of us who are open-minded. For those steeped in an inflexible and absolute worldview from a young age, the ability to stand outside of it is all but impossible. It requires being taken outside of that environment, of confronting many new ideas, new traditions, and new narratives. From inside, all the conditioning and social mechanics are in place to subordinate discent and inquiry to the Big Lie to which the community is built upon.

Zero-Equals-Infinity said...

Being inculcated in a fundamentalist mindset or ideology makes it extremely hard to reframe the world, to see things fairly.

Robert Heinlein used the term 'fair witness' to describe a role in which a person was able to see and report on things with minimal bias. To that is extremely difficult as the first thing we realise is that we carry many biases, and sometimes, even often, we are not aware of how they are shaping our narratives.

I can only hope that the video is seen by many, because it is as out there as "Reefer Madness".

For those still steeped in their theological or ideological prisons, I only hope that enough exposure to other ways of seeing outside of their homogeneous communities will lead to change. But with fears of hell and hopes of heaven as the stick and carrot, it is an incredibly difficult to change.