Friday, December 07, 2012

'Anti-gay group angry at Ellen DeGeneres for filming Christmas commercial' and other Friday midday news briefs

Ellen DeGeneres Ad: One Million Moms Angry Over JC Penney Christmas Commercial - For those who pretend to don't know a thing about anti-gay bigotry, I present to you Exhibit A. The anti-gay group One Million Moms is angry at Ellen DeGeneres for a perfectly innocent commercial she filmed for JC Penney. And why? Simply because she is a lesbian. It's no different than racists getting angry at an African-American for filming a commercial with white people.  

Gay Paternity Leave: How To Do It - In spite of the ugly claims to the contrary organizations like the National Organization for Marriage and the Family Research Council, same-sex families are NORMAL families and thus should have as much positive how-to information as possible.

NOM Is Already Complaining Maryland Wedding Businesses Aren’t Free To Discriminate - Sorry but churches and religious-oriented business who don't take taxpayer dollars, yes. Private citizens running secular business? Hell no! That's a nasty can of worms.

NOM hitches its desperate boat to far-right, exceedingly anti-intellectual military meme - NOM believes in 'religious liberty' as long as its those on its side who are protected.


Manic Expressive said...

A handful of moms calling themselves a million moms. *facepalm*

Glenn Ingersoll said...

What, Manic E, you expect these people to be able to count? Million is just easier to spell that Seveny Kajillionions.