Wednesday, December 12, 2012

'Anti-gay hate group furious at UPS' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Family Research Council Dumps UPS For Not Humoring Boy Scouts’ Discrimination - Awwww, poor FRC. Another excuse for me to give UPS more of my business.

  Desmond Tutu Pens Op-Ed for Ugandan Newspaper - Desmond Tutu has always been my hero in part because he stands up for the abused such as the lgbt community in Uganda.

  O'Reilly: It's Not Bigotry To Oppose Marriage Equality - It's all about tactics, Bill, which of course the folks at Fox News are always careful never to talk about.

 Photograph Of Little Boy Wearing Pink Shoes To Preschool Sparks Heated Blogosphere Debate - A little boy wears pink shoes to preschool and the blogsphere freaks out about it. Meanwhile, the child only wore the shoes because they reminded him of zebras, his favorite animal. I mean REALLLY people! It's preschool! These kids just want to play. Let them, pink shoes and all!  

Bryan Fischer thinks he's entitled to his own facts; is wrong - Bryan Fischer is entitled to his own padded cell.

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