Monday, December 31, 2012

'Baseball player bothered by idea of gay teammate' and other Monday midday news briefs

Torii Hunter, Detroit Tigers Right Fielder, Says Gay Teammate Would Make Him 'Uncomfortable' - And the reason why he would feel uncomfortable is a real hoot. I respect his religion but the last time I checked, a baseball team is not a church. You are paid to win championships and if a gay teammate helps you win, then shut up and be thankful for him.  

A Warning From A Former DL Foster Disciple: “The Perfect Storm The ‘Ex-Gay’ Movement, Religious Based Homophobia and the Black Church Pt. 2″ - Part two of an excellent series from a good friend of mine.  

There's No Such Thing As A Gay Marriage Because It Cannot Be Consummated - So we are being attacked by the leadership of the Catholic church AGAIN. And boy is this really stupid.

 60 Powerful Steps Forward For Equality - Say goodbye to a very gay 2012. Hopefully it was be even more awesome in 2013.

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Thank God for you and your courage! God bless you!