Friday, December 14, 2012

'NOM affiliate compares marriage equality to Nazism' and other Friday midday news briefs

NOM's Morse: Same-Sex Marriage Is Part Of A "Pagan Ideology," Like Nazism - Keep talking. You only help us.  

Antonin Scalia's church promoted event dealing w/ 'challenge of same-sex attractions'; son was key speaker - We all knew that Justice Scalia didn't like us, but geez!

  STUDY: Marriage Improves Mental Health Of Same-Sex Couples - Well hell, we all knew this.

  Uruguay deputies overwhelmingly support equality - It's not bad for all of our people in foreign countries.  

Barber: CA Law Will Tell Minor Victims of Sexual Abuse That They're Gay or Transgender - We need to follow this fool around with a tape recorder. He already made me add a new part to my upcoming booklet (cheap plug but come on, it's Matt Barber. A cheap plus is appropriate for a post about a cheap man)

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Patrick said...

So, if same sex marriage was part of pagan ideology, wouldn't that mean NOM was attacking the personal religious beliefs of pagans? Doesn't NOM keep criticizing us for attacking their personal religious beliefs? I guess only Christians are allowed to defend their religion.