Friday, December 28, 2012

'See the weddings that bigotry couldn't stop!' and other Friday midday news briefs

Some of the most beautiful weddings of 2012 : - these pictures are to remind you that sooner or later right wins and equality conquers inequality. 

Maine Marriages Start Tomorrow - With more on the way!

S.C. gay advocates to marry in Md. on Jan. 1 - Meanwhile, two friends of mine will be tying the knot on Jan. 1. 

Hey NOM: We want marriage. Always. Every time. In every state. We're not hiding that fact. - So apparently NOM is really scared that the same beautiful scenes will repeat themselves in Illinois and Minnesota. Oh the poor babies.

  Gay Republicans Doubt Hagel's "Sincerity" - The Log Cabin Republicans run a full-page ad attacking Obama's nominee for Secretary of Defense, claiming that they are wary of where he stands on lgbt equality. Isn't the Log Cabin Republicans the SAME group which supported Romney in the last election?

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