Thursday, January 10, 2013

'Anti-gay speaker dropped from Obama's inauguration' and other Thursday midday news briefs

BREAKING: Anti-Gay Pastor Removed From Inaugural Program - A little commentary guaranteed to piss some people off. When this situation broke, I rolled my eyes because I knew what would happen before we knew the full story. Some gays went off half-cocked raising hell and calling Obama every name in the book. They also brought up the Rick Warren situation from the last inauguration. I said wait until we hear the entire story, but no. Some of us got into our "super activist" mode. That's when we yell and scream, even at those on our side who plead for rational thoughts. I'm not criticizing the anger, but the method and the lack of thought. I found it hard to believe that a president who had made so many pro-gay strides would make such a 180 degree turn and bring someone like this to his inauguration. As it was, Obama was not responsible. It was a bad decision by the inaugural committee which has now been rescinded. The point is not the fact that we didn't a right to be angry and demand answers. The point is some of us were so damn eager to start talking shit about Obama. And some of the same shit talkers were the same ones who literally declared him the best thing since sliced bread after lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation was passed, DADT was rescinded, and he went on record for marriage equality. Make up your minds, folks. When things like this happen, don't be so quick to shit on someone you lauded just a few months ago because mistakes are always made and always need to be corrected. The most important thing in a working relationship is trust. And while I am glad with the speed this was taken care of, some of my lgbt brothers and sisters demonstrated their lack of trust issues. But enough about that. I'm sure I will hear from you if you agree or disagree. 

In other news:

NOM clearly moving forward with nasty 'gays against gay marriage' idea - Apparently playing the gay and black community against one another blew up in NOM's face. So now they are going to play the gay community against one another.  

Rush Limbaugh Doubles Down On Connection Between Homosexuality And ‘Normalizing Pedophilia’ - Meanwhile, he is upon his fourth wife. Okay that sentence made me kinda ill.  

Scott Lively Warns 'Wedding Songs to Homosexual Marriage' are Responsible for Noah's Flood and End Times - Apparently this is in the Bible which Lively writes with his own poo.

 Mark Ferrandino Becomes Colorado's First Openly Gay Speaker Of The House (VIDEO) - Let's end these news briefs with some good news so you don't think that I have completely lost my mind.


Anonymous said...

"The most important thing in a working relationship is trust."

I think the clear takeaway from this is that a lot of people still don't trust Obama (me included). His 'evolution' on the subjet of marriage comes off more as pandering for votes than a sincere change of heart.

Since I'm not a one issue voter, he's pretty much dones his best to tick me off since getting re-elected.

Trust Obama? Nope. But then I don't trust most politicians. Obama just seems expert at inspiring distrust.

Gregory Peterson said...

Here's how Rabbi Steve Greenberg translated the passage that Mr. Lively is nattering about.

Genesis Rabbah 26:5

Rav Huna in the name of Rabbi said: The generation of the flood was not obliterated from the world until they wrote nuptial songs for [unions between] males and animals.” Rav Simlai said: Fornication brings indiscriminate destruction (androlomusia) to the world, killing the beautiful and the wicked.