Wednesday, January 16, 2013

'Bishop admits religious exemptions argument is a crock' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

Illinois' Bishop Paprocki: No religious exemption will ever satisfy us (*but we'll demand you give them to us anyway) - I always knew the "you're not giving us enough religious exemptions from gay marriage" whine was a crock.

Dobson: 'Everything I Have Fought For is On the Line and is in Danger Now' - Awwww poor baby! 

Pentagon Allows Military Spouses Group To Continue Discriminating Against Same-Sex Spouses - Okay this right here is some bull@!%#

Focus On The Family President Concedes Homosexuality Is ‘Not A Super Sin’ - I don't care what Focus on the Family says. I'm not giving up my red cape and monogrammed "S" for nobody.

Jesus Days: Photos of the World Through the Lens of a Closeted Young Gay Man - Fascinating photo journal.

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