Monday, January 07, 2013

Fischer: 'gay lobby will use flaming homosexuals to hurt Christian bookstores'

Just when you think you have heard it all from the American Association's Bryan Fischer, he comes up with another one. I swear someone should follow this man around with a tape recorder and instead of giving good points regarding the necessity of gay equality, just let the tape play.


Barry said...

How sad that they have to espouse hatred against other people to feel good about themself.

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I'm sorry but I have this image of a gay man on fire running into a Christian book store.
I have not heard the adjective "flaming" in some time.

There are plenty of gay Christians who need jobs but they are not going to look for one where they are not wanted.

Fischer has some real issues he is hiding behind his Bible.
I do wish the government would shut down the lies and hate spewed from Hate Groups and people like him.
I realize the freedom of speech works both ways and we have to put up with it but how about truth in advertising?
Why is it we have to tell the truth to consumers but do not consider a show like this or FOX to be pandering to consumers?

"Watch us while we lie to you about your world but feel good that we are telling the truth about the New and Improved dish soap."

Scott Amundsen said...

That man is a living monument to the concept that being a person of faith need NOT necessarily preclude one from also being an asshole.

Anonymous said...

Having been on the receiving end of some bigoted employers and familiar with what goes on with upper management, companies will use tactics to get employees they don't like to quit or will trump up reasons to fire them. They send their managers to seminars to learn how to do that. Companies are simply not the poor, sad and helpless entities at the mercy of their employees. That's a myth. If companies do get into trouble, it's because they've gone way overboard to get themselves into it.

Anonymous said...

Although they have two other locations, the book store in our church is owned and managed by a gay couple. The inventory is not limited to one faith tradition. The intent is to serve whoever walks through the doors.