Friday, January 11, 2013

How desperate is NOM to stop marriage equality? This desperate

We now know that the National Organization for Marriage's plan to divide the black and gay communities didn't work because the group is now shifting gears:

According to Buzzfeed:

 The National Organization for Marriage has found the perfect spokespeople for its cause: gay people who oppose gay marriage. The only catch: They're French. NOM has posted a couple videos on its website from a French group called Homovox which features gay men who are against a proposed marriage equality and adoption law introduced by President Fran├žois Hollande. Other groups include "Plus Gay Sans Mariage" (Gayer Without Marriage), run by a young activist named Xavier Bongibault who also appears in one of Homovox's videos. The videos feature gay men talking about why they oppose gay marriage. NOM doesn't identify where the videos came from on its blog, and they've been uploaded into NOM's YouTube account. Homovox didn't immediately respond to a request for comment. 

Sorry but this is just PATHETIC! There is just no other word to describe it.


Anonymous said...

OMG what morons!!! There are straight people against marrage to ddon't mean its not right for all straight people LOL

EvilI said...

I didn't play the video, but even just reading the caption on the image...

"In my view, all kids need more than just two parents who love each other. They need two biological parents--mother and father--who love each other."
Yeah, you don't accomplish that by banning gay people from marrying or adopting. The only way to accomplish that is to execute all orphans.
It isn't even remotely related to the topic.

But it is insane.
This is the genius they wanted on their side?

Well, we did now they wanted "non-cognitive" spokespeople.

Anonymous said...

adopted children are scarred because their parent(s) give them up?

this dude is a 'tard..

As a adopted kid I can speak from experience and that is the most idiotic statement in the world.

has some kid gotten bad adoptive parents who taunted them with "your mother threw you away"? or other such crap? certainly that has happened.

That does not mean the adoption of unwanted children scars the child, it means that some douchebag passed the adoption screening process.

these people are idiotically claiming that wanting equal and social recognition using the label and laws that automatically provides that recognition is a bad thing, and they are wrong.