Wednesday, January 23, 2013

How many times can Bryan Fischer mention 'gay sex' during an Obama tirade?

I thought I had seen it all when it comes to members of the religious right using Obama's inauguration speech to reduce gay equality to something stupid about sexual intercourse.

I was wrong:

Bryan Fischer is not a researcher, he is not a medical doctor, nor is he a psychiatrist or a psychologist. Just who in the heck is he to call someone ignorant about homosexuality and the gay community?

And what's with this constant emphasis on the alleged sexual behavior of gay males?

It's like I said yesterday, when ordinary Americans think about gay couples, they generally see this:

But people like Bryan Fischer sees this:

 I'm not a psychiatrist either but if I were, I would probably be able to write a book on Fischer.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Wow! The sad part is millions of sheeple listen to this crap and believe it.
I was at a baby shower last week and was enjoying the company of an attractive woman who seemed to be OK until she popped off with some crap about my "lifestyle". I told her my life was pretty much the same as hers so I asked her to clarify.
OMG She started with the shorter life span and continued down the road of "Fischer".
I started laughing! She looked confused. I asked her where she got her bad info from and she said from her church.
I told her if she really wanted to know what being LGBT really was, she needed to stop listening to people who don't have a clue and listen to real LGBT people and their stories because she has it all wrong.
I don't think I changed her mind but I had a good laugh.
I had to laugh or I would have started to cry knowing their are people out there who will believe anything.
If this guy was saying crap like this about any other group of people, do you think he would still be on the air?

truthspew said...

When you look at the statements of all of them including Fischer, Sprigg, Perkins, et al. their ONLY claim to being an expert is their religious belief. There's nothing more behind it.

And they do seem to focus more on male same sex behavior than female. It's odd.

mykelb said...

Mr. Fischer is a HATE GROUP spokesbigot as defined by the Southern Poverty Law Center. Anything he has to say is nothing but pure, unadulterated trash and has no bearing on anything except his own hate.

Lore said...

Sounds like the lady I met in the Pharmacy yesterday, we were having a good conversation, everything was fine, till we introduced ourselves, she turne to me and says "Tyrone, that's an unusual name for a girl", as soon as I said I was Transsexual, the conversation became awkward and her look became very disapproving!