Wednesday, January 02, 2013

'James Dobson's comments about Sandy Hook tragedy, marriage equality takes its toll' and other Wednesday news briefs

For those who can't get enough of seeing gay couples tying the knot for the first time (I know I can't), here is a video from one of the Maryland weddings: 

In other news briefs:  

Ryan Dobson Defends his Father's Comments About Sandy Hook, Calling Him 'a Man who is Making a Stand for Righteousness' - While I understand anyone's desire to defend his/her father, I am so offended by any notion that Dobson is a victim here. Innocents were murdered, Dobson said something stupid, and he deserves all of the negative blow back he gets.  

Kansas sues lesbian couple’s sperm donor for child support - Leave it to Kansas and Governor Brownback to try and screw us over. You just KNOW someone thought this mess up with mischief in mind.

 Chicago Cardinal Condemns Illinois Lawmakers For Considering Marriage Equality This Week - Sorry Cardinal, but no one is forcing you to marry gay couples, so butt out!

 Uganda LGBT Advocate Arrested for “Recruiting Into Homosexuality” - Remember that the struggle for lgbt equality is not solely American based. It is a worldwide fight for dignity and respect, NOT TOLERANCE! 

 Metropolitan Community Churches: Do Gays Need A Church Of Their Own Anymore? - I'm not crazy about the headline but the article is really good.

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