Monday, February 18, 2013

13th researcher cries foul over anti-gay distortions of his work

We've heard this song before and I wish someone besides a few of us would pick up on the tune. 

From Truth Wins Out comes this piece of news:

In what has become a disturbing pattern, a top researcher has accused Dr. Joseph Nicolosi, the co-founder of the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH), of grossly distorting his work to advance NARTH’s discredited view that gay and lesbians people are mentally ill.

Dr. Allan Schore, a leading psychotherapist and neuropsychologist, is the latest NARTH victim to have his research deliberately misused and politicized. This is particularly alarming because NARTH is the primary organization trying to use the courts in California to strike down a new law prohibiting reparative therapy for minors.
NARTH is not a scientific organization, but a disreputable public relations campaign that twists legitimate research in an effort stigmatize the LGBT community. NARTH members, including Joseph Nicolosi, are ethically challenged and should not be taken seriously by the courts or society.

According to Truth Wins Out, Nicolosi implied that he had a working relationship with Schore. However,  when Dominic Davies, of the London-based organization Pink Therapy investigated, he found this implication to be false:

Throughout the text,” said Davies, “Nicolosi claims homosexuality as an Attachment Disorder and distorts and misattributes Schore’s work in Attachment Theory in support of his spurious argument.” Davies contacted Schore to clarify his relationship with Nicolosi. In their correspondence, the scientist made clear that he was “deeply disturbed” that he was misquoted by Nicolosi and said that “there is absolutely no neuropsychological research evidence that homosexuality is a disorder.” He further stated that Nicolosi is “grafting my shame and attachment models on to gender identity disorders, something I have never even written about.”

Here is the thing which bothers me about this. This discovery was made last week and other than a mention in Think Progress, it was totally ignored - just like the majority of other times in which physicians and researchers have complained about the distortion of their work by the religious right.

And when I say totally ignored, I am not pointing fingers at the mainstream media. My accusations are at the lgbt media and the community at large.

Religious right groups and affiliate organizations have a long history of distorting scientific research and we have the complaints to prove it, but what have we done to publicize these complaints?

Not a damn thing.

 Instead, some of us roll our eyes and yawn as if we are being subjected to something which bores us immensely. And our media and leaders ignore these revelations because apparently they aren't "positive news."

Meanwhile, groups like the National Organization for Marriage or the Family Research Council are able to take anecdotal situations involving bakers who refuse to make wedding cakes for lgbt couples, or elected officials who get into trouble for placing their beliefs above their job duties and get maximum media coverage which allows them to push their inaccurate point of view to the public

And why is that? Because they know the power of good press and don't shirk away from exploiting, if you will, any and all situations to make their point of view seem plausible.

In contrast, the lgbt community seems to be so jaded that we will not recognize a chance to publicize when the religious right is blatantly lying.
It all leads me to realize one thing -  the main reason why the religious right continue to lie about the lgbt community and to deliberately distort science is because we let them by keeping silent.

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-j said...

As Edmund Burke said, "In order for evil to flourish, all that is required is for good men to do nothing."

olandp said...

When will one of these researchers sue? There must be grounds.