Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Boy Scouts delay decision as hate group leader gets destroyed on CNN' and other Wednesday midday news briefs

The somewhat bad news:

Utah Boy Scouts Council Achieves Delay In Consideration Of Anti-Gay Policy I say "somewhat" because until the decision is taken up again in May, we can hopefully expect scenes like the following:


To put it nicely, Soledad O'Brien treated FRC's Tony Perkins like she was the parent and he was her child whom she just caught misbehaving. It was brutal how she made him contradict himself. Now there are some who are still complaining as to why people like Tony Perkins are given interview time. If I said it once, I will say it a million times - an censored idea gains power, but an idea exposed as a lie loses power. And you can't expose lies by keeping those who tell them silent. WE NEED THIS DEBATE!  No matter how the Scouts rule in May, we have already won the battle of public opinion by letting the right dig themselves into a hyperbolic hole. And that victory will play out in other fights. So instead of whining, the lgt community needs to take charge. What folks need to do is ask where in the hell are HRC and GLAAD representatives in this mix? They need to get on these shows.

 In other news:  

Rios Claims Gay Men Are Child Predators by Nature - That's right suckers! Keep it up and help the lgbt community out.

 Anti-Gay, Anti-Immigrant, Birther Groups Join Forces to File Mother of All Prop 8 Briefs - I'm beginning to think that all of these organizations fear gay folks.  

UK Coalition for Marriage Puts NOM-Style Spin on Its Marriage Vote Defeat - Simply delicious.


Anonymous said...

So we shouldn't go out of our houses then because heaven forbid, someone we don't like might be attracted to us. Thats exactly why I don't leave my house I'm too afraid that some girl is going to find me attractive.

cats said...

Does the bible teach manners anywhere, like not talking over people?