Monday, February 25, 2013

Family Research Council pushes meanspirited video against marriage equality, gay families

If you want to see all of the inane arguments against marriage equality wrapped up in one video, check out the above monstrosity from the Family Research Council.

It is a four minute rush of almost every anti-gay point, every anecdotal horror story, and every lame argument against marriage equality.

The gist of the video is that homosexuality is a "behavior" therefore marriage equality contributes nothing to society. The video compares marriage equality to dealing drugs.

The video basically makes the following points, which I took the liberty to refute in parentheses.

Heterosexual marriage supposedly:

Creates children (Because in the world of the Family Research Council, gays and lesbians cannot create children. Apparently our "parts don't fit"),

Best raises children (That is if one ignores the millions of gay households raising children in this country as well as worldwide),

Protects women (Except for the wives who get beat up by their husbands),

Civilizes men (Except for the husbands who treat their wives like punching bags),

And lowers crime, poverty, and welfare, which reduces government spending and deficits (which is really a reason to support marriage equality if you think about it).

On the other hand, marriage equality:

Validates sex partners (Because married heterosexual couples don't have sex. If you think I'm wrong, ask Brian Brown of the National Organization for Marriage, his wife and their multitude of children which they got from a cabbage patch in their backyard.),

Harms children by supposedly denying them a mother and a father (Because apparently a household with two fathers or two mothers is spooky),

Schools will subject children to "mandatory homosexual curricula" (Because apparently children in gay households don't attend public schools and if they do, who cares about letting them read reports about their families anyway. After all, they are inferior.),

Business and taxes will fund homosexual relationships (Because we all know that gays and lesbians don't own businesses and are exempt from paying taxes),

Freedom of religion and speech are gagged (Didn't they say this about lgbt-inclusive hate crimes legislation? Generally non-discrimination laws have less to do with marriage equality and more to do with fairness and taxes. An adoption agency receiving tax monies should not have the right to discriminate, regardless of which religion it serves).

This video is a colossal error on the part of the Family Research Council in that is provides arguments easier to poke through than Kleenex.

And more than that, the video comes across as just plain mean. It's dripping with a lot of naked animus towards same-sex couples and their families.

For one thing, it deliberately ignores the reality that children are raised in same-sex households. To me, implying that a child's family is nonexistent or inferior is more harmful than being raised in a same-sex household.

In addition, the video implies that gay couples know nothing about stability and fidelity. Maybe FRC should remember Phyllis Lyon and Del Martin, who after 55 years together were married in 2008 in California before Prop 8 was passed.

Or Edie Windor, who is seeking dignity for her over 40 year relationship with her late partner, Thea Spyer, by attempting to overturn DOMA.

And the thousands of couples in the states which passed marriage equality laws who stood in line in joyous celebration, tears, and accompanied by their children and family who were happy that finally their relationships were being treated with validity and respect.

But we all know that FRC won't do these things.  The group is too busy creating caste systems for God.

All I can say is keep it up, FRC.  If you keep showing America what you really think of same-sex couples and their families in such nakedly ugly details, we will receive marriage equality in practically no time at all.


stephie said...

Theses people are grasping at straws, im a single straight mother and they claimed that both single parent family and same sex family children will die without the father. Well my daughter is still alive and so are the millions of other children in these families.

David said...

I love how they first imply that ONLY procreative marriages are valid. But later they say that non-procreative marriages are the exception, not the rule. As if that makes it okay for Rush Limbaugh to get married FOUR times and never have children... because OTHER straight couples are somehow taking up the slack (by having extra children?). Of course they never explain how the government or society benefits from Rush's childless marriages, or how his marriages differ from childless same-sex marriage. Nor do they ever acknowledge that some same-sex couples ARE raising children.

They also promote the falsehood that the only benefit people have in society is procreating then dying. As if that's the only way you can contribute to society. So unless that police office in their video is straight, married, and has children, he's worthless to society, right?

The people at the FRC are truly vile scumbags to promote this hateful garbage.

Anonymous said...

If FRC is concerned about the safety of women as they state in this senseless hatefest, then why do they lobby against the VAWA? And what was the meaningless graph going down for gays and one going up for straight??? No supporting data at all. Not even bothering with distorted truth or flat out lie, just "Look, they are bad, we are good." And, as usual, how are we preventing them from having healthy productive relationships? And why try and force a homosexual into a straight relationship? Shouldn't straight people prefer to be in relationships with other straight people. (I know, we're cuter.) One more, if heterosexual relationships are so superior, then why do they need to be subsidized by gay people?

Anonymous said...

The crickets part is loathsome. That said, the benefits are reductions in the rates of promiscuity, stabilization of relationships, you know, essentially the same list of opposite-sex except the kids thing.

Of course the bigots can never accept that when we have kids, in a lot of cases we really WANT to have kids. No surprises.