Thursday, February 07, 2013

'FRC continues the gay = pedophilie lie' and other Thursday midday news briefs

STUDY: Coming Out Is Good For Gays’ Mental Health - Well duh. 

 CNN Devotes Three Segments In Three Days To Debating The “Gays Are Pedophiles” Myth - While I enjoyed watching the folks at CNN refute the religious right, this article brings up a good point.

  Thanks for the shout out, Ms Roback Morse! - Doggone it, Jeremy Hooper! You always get the good shout outs. LOL  

16 Must-See Black LGBT Films - Sweet! 

Lake County School Board May Slash All Student Clubs To Blockade Gay-Straight Alliance - Not so sweet.

Perkins: 'Ironic' That Critics of Pedophilia in Catholic Church Want Boy Scouts to Lift Gay Ban - Finally, there are some folks who feel that my post yesterday (Family Research Council is to blame for near massacre at its headquarters) went over the line. I said that by the vindictively demonizing language that it uses against lgbts and the lies it tells about us, FRC created a wheel of hatred which turned on the group. And I stand by it. I did not absolve the young man who attempted the violence of his culpability but I be damned if FRC will exploit his hatred as an excuse to pander its hatred. Let this news brief be proof of my statement.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

I don't think you went over the line about the FRC shooting.
No one in the LGBT population condones this behavior. The guy has a problem controlling himself and to plan on hurting anyone is wrong.
That said...the FRC caused this. When you push people to their limits with lies and hate some one may fight back and this sick soul did.
The FRC is a hate group for a reason. Who is to say that their hate has not been the reason some other sick person beat up, burned out, or killed one of us?!
I think you nailed it! Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

The list of films should have included Brother to Brother, definitely. But I enjoyed Maurice Jamal's 2007 film, Dirty Laundry. In it, a ten-year-old boy shows up at Patrick’s NYC apartment door announcing that he’s Patrick’s son. Patrick hustles the boy back to his Southern home to confront his mother and find out what’s going on. Patrick’s young, very gay, boyfriend follows to find out what’s going on. Family trauma ensues. 20th Century Fox home video.

Donny D. said...

CNN may not have done it in the best possible way, but I think it's VERY important to clearly debunk the gay male = pedophile lie in the media -- rather than treat it as such a settled matter that it isn't even necessary to talk about it.

I can assure you that among straight people as a group this is not a settled matter, and not just among hardcore bigots.

And just bringing it up doesn't make anyone more likely to buy into the gay male = pedophile linkage. It's in people's minds already.