Wednesday, February 13, 2013

NOM attacking same-sex families with tacky graphic

Number one on the Top Ten Chart of Tackiness is the above graphic by the National Organization for Marriage.

It's pathetic on so many levels. At least allow me to count off three:

1. It attacks same-sex families

2. It blames same-sex families for the single-parent homes and takes President Obama's words out of context. At no time has President Obama ever blamed same-sex households for fatherless homes. Jeremy Hooper said the following:

When President Obama uttered those words, he was referring to the very specific problems of dads who played a role in creating a family only to abdicate responsibility. That is an issue—one that we should solve. Same goes for when mothers step out on families that they should support. In an ideal climate, we could all agree on this.

 In a less politicized world, we could hope that all human beings would take responsibility for whatever family form they, by virtue of their own choices, created.
But in the aggressive world that NOM is forcing on us all? Gays are the scapegoat. Our families come at an expense. A penis and a vagina are innately better than a doubled set (regardless of any other qualities attached to the genitalia). Homes like mine are on par (or worse than) ones where a father walks out on his children. And of course our President cannot make a strong statement about

3. It underscores the simple fact that other than attacking same-sex households and attempting to inaccurately attach them to the problem of fatherless homes, the National Organization for Marriage has done NOTHING to address the problem or provide solutions. If anything, NOM is exploiting the problem of fatherless homes to attack same-sex families.

But one good thing does come out of NOM's graphic. It exposes just how low the organization will stoop to attack same-sex families and households.

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.


TranquilLovely said...

In some cases, it double the number of fathers in the household... not make them irrelevant.

Sterling Ericsson said...

Yeah, the whole point of his first comment was that single parent households shouldn't happen if at all possible.

But same sex families are two parent households, so there shouldn't be any problem. Though I guess NOM doesn't consider one of them to be a parent or something.

John Normile said...

178811I've always wondered why these people are so obsessed with gay people in general, could it be something inside them that they were told to hate, fear, and judge that fuels their fire?

wwoodruff said...

Ummm, if it makes fathers irrelevant then what about families with two father... Are those fathers irrelevant as well??? The math just does not add up. I guess since this is the best argument i will have to go ahead and keep supporting both Obama and all the gay mothers and fathers I know.