Thursday, March 28, 2013

''Christian' writer pens nasty post on Today show host and her family' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Concerned Women for America Upset Jenna Wolfe Is Having a Baby - There is a very good chance that the lgbt community will attain a victory out of both cases heard in front of the Supreme Court this week. In the case of Prop 8, if we win any victory, it will be because of the fact that we have proven that the CA law would harm our children. If that becomes the case, then we can expect more nasty attacks like this, not just our person but our families.  

Premature Celebration - A very good piece and food for thought by Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin.

Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski Is ‘Evolving’ On Same-Sex Marriage - Second Republican Senator on our side? It could happen.  

Important DOMA reminder: The Family Research Council built that - Food for thought. The Family Research Council is the group responsible for DOMA. I almost forgot that.


Luke H. said...

My issue with Christian Shelby is not that she thinks it is sad that Jenna Wolfe's child won't be raised with a biological father present, but that she thinks that she knows more about what is best for Jenna Wolfe's child than Jenna Wolfe, or that it is even any of her business. She should concentrate on living her own life and not be trying to live other people's lives.
Then, there is her assumption that anyone with the same facts would come to the same conclusion that she does, therefore anyone coming to a different conclusion must be missing facts. Hence her need to explain the obvious as if it were some startling revelation.
Too, as a step-father I resent Ms. Wolfe's insinuation that fatherhood is all about biology. There is much, much, more to being a father than that. Who is a child's "real" father, the man who impregnated the child's mother, or the man who cared for him, and loved him, and raised him. There are plenty of men out there that are nothing more than sperm donors, and very often the best thing is for them to just go away so that a real parent can step in.

Gregory Peterson said...

I'm not sure why I wrote this on my Facebook page, but here it is anyway. Don't feel like getting up and doing something I probably should get up and do, I guess.

Concerned Women for America Upset Jenna Wolfe Is Having a Baby

"When a man and a woman unite in a sexual union, the woman provides the unfertilized egg and the man provides the sperm. Those two things — biologically exclusive to members of the opposite sex — merge and the miracle of life begins."
Concerned Women for America blogger Christian Shelby

The "miracle of life" doesn't begin there, Concerned Woman Christian Shelby. Life began eons ago.

The Bible doesn't support the new fangled notion that the male's sperm and the female's egg merge, because that wasn't scientifically confirmed until my great grandfather's day (Hey, being descended from a string of late in life babies is a wonderful thing). The ancients of biblical times and places seem to have believed that life began at the moment of ejaculation, when a man created an unformed child. That child was then accepted by the womb, which began to form a male, if it was in good order, a female if it was having an off day. Or the womb murdered the man's unformed child if it was under a curse or being punished for some heinous sin, like thinking that a woman shouldn't be in a perpetual state of submission because of what Eve gave to Adam.

Miss Wolfe and Miss Gosk did need a man to produce a microscopic sperm cell, but probably not a whole lot more. I'm sure that they'll do at least as adequately as most any other competent adult couple in raising a child.

"A young lady asked that very question to a state legislature recently — “Which parent do I not need?” — and no one could answer her."

That nobody answered here wasn't because no one could answer her. It's because she was a young girl who perhaps didn't know what she was really asking, and/or why she was told to ask it.

Back when the maternal death rate was horrendous and many men died tragically young as well, many people were not so fortunate as to have two good parents, though being in an extended family provided extra security for children.

Then there is the rest of the article, which proves that the Concerned Woman author is a smarmy, self-righteous twit, to understate.