Monday, March 11, 2013

LGBT community needs to get angry over Regnerus study manipulations

Since the news broke last night about how the funders of the Regnerus anti-gay parenting study had more influence on its findings than originally claimed, the reaction from lgbt community has been interesting.

While some have been justifiably angry, there is that annoying set of folks who have acted either jaded or blase about these new discoveries.

Several have made comments like "The right-wing manipulates another study? Nothing to see here folks" or "So, just how does that prove the study is flawed."

First to answer that last question, the fact that the study is flawed was determined a long time ago. And it was accentuated by the recent brief to the Supreme Court by the American Sociological Association.

This new information proves just why the study was flawed and it brings up further questions. Why wasn't Regenrus truthful about how much influence the study's right-wing funders had on its results?  Why did they expected the study to be a negative against the lgbt community before it was even put to paper?

And while some have made a good point by pointing out that in the long run, this study's claim (regarding same-sex households being inferior than heterosexual households when it comes to the raising of children) may not matter in the DOMA and Prop 8 cases before the Supreme Court, the reality is that the shady facts behind the study yet again points out how the religious right manipulates and cherry-picks science for its own purposes.

And that's an issue which needs more attention instead of folks yawning and turning their backs.

I've said before that an asset to the religious right is the jaded "we have seen it all so you really have to reach to get our attention" attitude of some members of the lgbt community. What's sad is that some of these same individuals  get angry when they see FRC's  Tony Perkins or some other religious right spokesperson touted as "experts" on news programs or when they see flawed work such as the Regnerus study being pushed as legitimate.

My friends, if you demonstrate that you really don't care about phony religious experts and the flawed work they tout (such as the Regnerus study) then why expect anyone else to care?

So my advice? Pull your heads out of your asses, stop acting like a snobby patron in a high-price restaurant, and pay attention to the big picture and the long game for a change.

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Mykelb said...

The fact is, people are exhausted, literally exhausted, fighting the ignorant religitards. Since they are well funded and grease the palms of the elite in DC, we haven't got much of a chance if the MEDICAL COMMUNITY doesn't stand up for us VOCIFEROUSLY every time this kind of thing happens. Why is it that we have 30 states with Constitutional bans against us? MONEY plain and simple. People have come to realize that money talks in America and the facts be damned. So, unless you are a millionaire/billionaire queer, there isn't much one can do to change anything.