Friday, March 15, 2013

Lgbts, African-Americans should pay attention to CPAC 2013

Know Your LGBT History has been postponed today so that I can feature on a point I wish to make:

Before any African-Americans or lgbts get roped again by outside groups (such as the National Organization for Marriage) in what I call the "Oppression Olympics, take a gander at these two videos from today's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). Witness what happens when an African-American Republican tries to talk about minority outreach and how attendees react to the news that Republican Sen. Rob Portman (OH) now supports marriage equality due to his son coming out:


It puts it all in perspective. What's the use of  talking about who suffered the most or how much one movement for equality is not like the other if you fail to notice that the heel on both of your necks belong to the same people.

Hat tip to Think Progress.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Frederick Douglass forgave the man who provided him food & housing?

At least there were audible groans at that. I'm sure our poor systematically-oppressed white boy got a few pats on the back, too.

Erica Cook said...

"forgive you for giving him food and shelter..." someone took their stupid pills that day.

Now I am very much a dyke who can't pass, but I'm also a white girl with blond hair and gray eyes, who looks racially "pure." Put me next to my sister and you get that there's a lot more going on, but there's one thing that always pisses me off. When dumbasses like that think I'm one of them.

Buffy said...

Anyone who isn't a heterosexual, male, white, ultra-conservative Christian should be very, very concerned. These people are bat-poo crazy and full of hate.


I'm also a white girl with blond hair and gray eyes, who looks racially "pure."

Me too, and on an average day I'd blend right in with a group of churchies. Nonetheless I get irked when anybody thinks I'm one of "them".

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

It is hard to comprehend the ignorance. I know people who believe all the racist and homophobic crap. I grew up with that. I never believed any discrimination was OK and defended those who were bullied in school. I am the Left extremist of my Right family.
When I escaped Ohio to Maryland, I found a very different attitude about race and LGBT. In a big city exposed to diversity, most people don't care about those things at all.
Not knowing what my lineage is makes me an American mut. I could be a mix of anything so I have a hard time selecting just one from a list. I often check "Other" and write in "Human"
Being a lesbian human who does not care what color, gender, or orientation a fellow human is opens an opportunity for me to learn about our differences.
So sad that more people can't embrace diversity.
This is why Obama won twice and they will keep losing.

Julia "Spider" Lee said...

You know there's hope with the reactions of some of the CPAC attendees in the first video... especially the women. And as for the second... anyone else pick up on the super-religious Christian-dominated reasoning? I thought there was separation of church and state...