Thursday, March 07, 2013

'Meet one of the youngest married gay couples in America' and other Thursday midday news briefs

David Harris And Tre'Darrius Anderson May Be The Country's Youngest African American Gay Couple To Marry - Meet the youngest African-American gay couple to marry and it begs a good question which will hopefully come up more in the future in the lgbt community. Is 19 an appropriate age for anyone to marry?

Ever-deceptive FRC twists 50+ yr old hit piece into supposed battle plan - This is low even for the Family Research Council. More desperation. LOL 

 Opposition To Marriage Equality Concentrated Among Elderly, Evangelicals, And Non-College Educated - Opposition getting smaller and smaller. 

Vocal on Gay Issues, Dean Goes Beyond Classroom - Who says gays can't hold top positions?

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EvilI said...

19 is younger than I'd suggest getting married.

But when you're not sure of your legal rights in the future, you act when you can.