Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Michelle Shocked claims her anti-gay tirade was misunderstood

The Michelle Shocked controversy has dominated the week but I haven't really paid attention. The lgbt community is angry that the folk singer went full blown homophobic on stage at a concert and with good reason. Her outburst - heard below, starting at 4:37 has to be heard to believed.  She is now saying that she was misunderstood. Editor's note: Hat tip to John Becker for the audio.

However, while not excusing anything she said, it sounds like to me that she had a Michael Richards type meltdown. No matter what the reasons, her career is suffering big time because now her concert tour is canceled. However, if she can pull off the explanation of being "misunderstood," girlfriend deserves some type of award.



mindy said...

She sounded . . . lost. Stoned or tipsy and definitely confused. She wasn't being anything close to "authentic." I'd never heard of her before this brouhaha, and even though I love that sort of music, I won't listen again. Her voice was off - I have a feeling something is very wrong in Ms. Shocked's life.

Anonymous said...

gee, you learn the craziest things in church. well first of all she has the fundie pronounciation of homo sektuals down. she appears to be back pedaling pretty wildly now, but since her insane tweets after she said it, did little to help her cause. next up for Michelle, will be the 700 club.