Monday, March 18, 2013

Religious right activist makes poor case against marriage equality

Former Christian Coalition head and conservative activist Ralph Reed attempted to make the case against marriage equality to the Wall Street Journal. It was such a bad performance in his case. Feel free to pick him apart: 

Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.


Anonymous said...

Well first of all, this little weasel needs to keep out of the Bronzer.

steven tomkins said...

his same exact argument could have been taken from the struggle for interracial marriage.

Kathleen Bailey said...

Hmmm - his argument has the same details which Canada's Fraser Mustard made with much better proof, that children who were given an abundance of words, stories, songs, and cuddling up to age six, did not end up in jail, had a larger number of the group in permanent employment, better physical health, etc. Mustard's longitudinal studies stretched over 40 years!

So I just can't swallow his guff, nor do I want to! Kathleen, children's librarian.