Tuesday, April 23, 2013

'France gets marriage equality, Rhode Island Republican caucus shocks with support' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

In less than 12 hours, the National Organization for Marriage suffered three huge blows to its worldwide crusade against marriage equality! Sweet!

1. BREAKING: French National Assembly Finalizes Passage Of Marriage Equality - Just now!

2. Rhode Island Republican Senators Unanimously Endorse Marriage Equality - The first time a Republican caucus unanimously supported marriage equality. Bam!!  

3. Kelvin Atkinson, Nevada Lawmaker, Comes Out In Gay Marriage Debate - During the debate to repeal the anti-marriage equality law in Nevada, an African-American legislator publicly comes out. Awesome! 

In other news (if you haven't passed out yet):  

AFA's top spokesman makes far-right animus perfectly clear - Meanwhile, Bryan Fischer spews bigotry in his inimitable fashion.  

Harvey: Homosexuality 'Hurts the Person Involved' and 'Hurts All of Society'- And then there is Linda Harvey who apparently needs a physical relationship more than me (if that's even possible).  

The Self-Flagellation Of A Self-Loathing Homocon - It's so sad to see a gay man turn against his own people.  

Todd Bieber Enlists Gay Comedians To Help Boy Scouts Earn Filmmaking Merit Badges (VIDEOS) - Funny!!

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