Thursday, April 11, 2013

'Gay man arrested at hospital for refusing to leave ill partner' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Gay Man Arrested At Missouri Hospital For Refusing To Leave Sick Partner, Not Recognized As Family - Right now, that effusive, phony crap by NOM, FRC, and the usual motley crew of jokers don't mean jack@%!$. Point - this man and his partner were in a five year relationship. Point - according to him, he and his partner had a joint Power of Attorney status which the nurse on duty refused to verify. When it comes to marriage equality, this type of thing needs to be in the discussion.  

Carson won't deliver Johns Hopkins commencement address - AND NOT jokers like this man. Whine about First Amendment rights all you want, but let's talk integrity here. Any mature, reasonable discussion regarding marriage equality should never begin by anyone invoking pedophilia or bestiality. Carson is in a mess of his own making.  

5 Reasons Why the Out Power List is problematic - You should have said five reasons why it's bull@^!. Four people of color, no transgender folks, some of the folks, including number one, isn't even out. What the hell?  

Anti-equality crowd crafts new symbol (*by co-opting one pro-equality movement's been using for five years) - I LOATHE homophobes, but I really can't STAND the ones who try to steal pro-gay symbols.

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