Monday, April 29, 2013

Jason Collins comes out - the good, the bad, and the ugly (i.e the religious right)

In case you have been living in cave with your fingers in your ears, 12 year NBA veteran Jason Collins became the first openly active gay man in sports.

Now this story caught me flatfooted because I had two exclusives today. So I think it's better for me to give a news briefs recap just in case you couldn't catch all of the news - and there was a lot of it today - about Collins' landmark decision:

The Good - Collins has gotten a lot of support, which he richly deserves

Jason Collins Comes Out: NBA Player Becomes First Openly Gay Professional Male Athlete In Major Sport
What NBA Player Jason Collins’ Coming Out Says About Equality In Sports

White House Praises Jason Collins For Coming Out 

Jason Collins Says 'I'm Gay' in the NBA: Why This Is Huge

First Lady has Jason Collins' back

Fellow athletes, stars, fans salute Jason Collins

The Bad - You know there is always someone trying to speak God or attempting to be snarky (and failing miserably) when these situations happen: 

ESPN Sportscaster Immediately Trashes First Out NBA Player: Jason Collins Is Not ‘A Christian’

Ben Shapiro's Jason Collins Tweet Leads Many To Question His Definition Of 'Hero'

Dolphins Player Mike Wallace Makes Homophobic Tweets Over Jason Collins News
And THEN there is the ugly, which is another way of saying the religious right. That leads me to ask a basic question. If these people detest homosexuality so much, then why are they always showing their asses:

 Liberty Counsel attorney/Liberty Univ teacher likens Jason Collins to incestuous son

Fischer: No NBA Team Should Sign Jason Collins Because He Will Be 'Eyeballing' Players in the Shower


threenorns said...

i read jason collins' statement and found that, while it was well written, touching, even moving, i was still left with one question that really bugs me still...

... what kind of dog was it he bought of Mike Miller, anyway?

ryan poole said...

Yea I heard some of the "oh no now he's going want to have sex with those guys" evidently these same people missed something here. A little tidbit that says something like oh yea "12 year veteran" it's not like he wasn't gay those other 12 years it's just he wasn't out. I mean I've heard noone try to claim this guy try to have sex with them in the lockerroom. and it looks like most of his teammates are supportive. but I'm sure afa or one news etc knows way more about what happens in the lockerroom then the actual players.

Patrick Fitzgerald said...

Matt Barber, says sarcastically: "We need role models for incestuous kids!"

You already have them, you Christian twit -- Adam and Eve's children.

JCF said...

Jason is 7 feet tall: Barberella should be "in his bunk" by now, contemplating those implications! }-X