Thursday, April 04, 2013

'Magic Johnson talks about gay son in powerful interview' and other Thursday midday news briefs

Magic Johnson Talks About His Gay Son for First Time in Powerful, Lengthy Interview: VIDEO - One of the most powerful interviews you will ever see. All parents, not just African-Americans, need to take a look at this. 

 Texas Students And Lawmakers Target University LGBT Centers - If this madness finally succeeds, it will probably be the newest plan of attack on the lgbt community. Count on it.

Buddy Collins Confirmed By North Carolina Legislature To Education Board, Despite Anti-Gay Past - LGBT students in NC are going to have more problems.

NOM Comm. Director hangs up on gay caller; 'I'm just saying I'm hanging up if the question is more than 15 secs' - Poor NOM. They just can't get a break.  

Harvey: Day of Silence Promotes 'An Abomination' - Poor Linda Harvey and her crusades.

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