Tuesday, April 02, 2013

'Magic Johnson's gay son goes public with love and support from parents' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Earvin Johnson III, Magic Johnson's Gay Son, Goes Public With Boyfriend, Parents Very Proud - At first, I thought that this was frivolous. But on reflection, I am wrong. It is GOOD to see a high-profile African-American couple accept their openly gay son without any conditions. And Little Magic knows how to work a fur. I just hope it's not real fur. 

Keyes: Marriage Equality is the 'Archetype of all Crimes Against Humanity' - Because THIS crazy black man doesn't accept his lesbian daughter. Sad.  

Leaders Aim to Conceal Kill-the-Gays Debate from Ugandans - Ugh! This ain't good!

  GOP Lawmaker: Only Gender Norms Can Define A Family - Forget love and support? Hardly.  

Why LGBT Undocumented People Need Immigration Reform - Awesome article! 

 Audio: Tony Perkins suggests gays try suicide because 'they can't fill that God vacuum,' are 'in rebellion to God's design' - I haven't picked on the Family Research Council or Tony Perkins for a while. And they always leave themselves wide open.

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