Monday, April 01, 2013

NOM march participants aren't hateful. They're just ignorant

During NOM's march at the Supreme Court last week, the right-wing Media Research Center tried to lend the organization a helping hand by interviewing march participants. The interview was pretty much the question of "if you are against same-sex marriage, does that mean you hate gays?" Of course that's nonsense. The question was deliberately simplistic. This entire situation is not about hate. It's about ignorance. However there is no need for me to elucidate. Whether they realize it or not, those who tried to answer this ridiculous question more than proves my point. "Love" like what these folks expressed is love no one needs. You can mark this interview as backfiring:


Anonymous said...

Should've had someone on the pro-gay side going around with a mic asking participants "Can you be pro-equality without being anti-christian?"

Every single Religious Right talking point/meme can easily be turned around on them to demonstrate its idiocy.

CrystalsPaperCrafts said...

I don't recall there having been a march against divorce (maybe I am too young and missed that one?), or affairs, children being born outside of marriage...or against the television shows that make a mockery of marriage. These are the things that tarnish the institution of marriage. Celebrity marriages that last weeks, days or in some cases hours. I don't understand why this is a right that needs to be fought for, it should be given, no better yet it should have never been questioned at all.
The question that should have been asked is what business is it of yours if homosexuals marry?