Tuesday, April 30, 2013

'Video: Jason Collins' first interview since coming out' and other Tuesday midday news briefs

Awesome interview on Good Morning America with Jason Collins! 

And in other news:  

Washington State Staffer: Gay People Should 'Just Grow Their Own Food' To Deal With Discrimination - I suppose they will telling us to create our own medicine if and when so-called Christian pharmacies deny us the right to any type of drugs because they don't "serve gays."  

Pat Robertson Praises ESPN Analyst For Attack On Jason Collins, First Openly Gay Active NBA Player - Maybe it's just me but if crazy Pat Robertson is praising something you said, then maybe you shouldn't have said it.  

Retired NBA Player: Homosexuality Doesn’t Belong In A Men’s Locker Room - One good thing about Jason Collins coming out is that all of this ignorance is coming to the surface so it can be discussed and refuted.

 NOM crowdsourcing its messaging - LAZY!!  

Truth In Action Ministries Criticizes Ex-Gay Leader for Apologizing and Recanting - Poor baby!

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