Monday, May 06, 2013

'Four mistakes Christians (and so many others) make in debating gay equality' and other Monday midday news briefs

4 Ways Christians Are Getting the Gay Debate Wrong - Excellent post which should have more attention. And I would venture to say that a lot more people besides Christians make these mistakes. 

Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone, Anti-Gay Catholic Leader, Decries Rhode Island's Marriage Equality As 'Injustice' - Injustice my foot. It doesn't even affect him or folks who believe as he does except telling them that they don't get to mandate the law.  

Boy Scouts to vacate Center City Philadelphia headquarters - Sorry but you lost that one fair and square.

 Video: Illinois GOP Rep. pledges support for equality; anti-equality crowd boos him off stage - And who should be surprised at this?

NOM’s Attack On Iowa Supreme Court Hasn’t Thwarted Justice - Boom!

Rick Perry Urges Boy Scouts to Oppose Gay 'Pop Culture' Like Sam Houston Resisted Slavery - This just in - Ricky Perry is a joke.

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Kaoru Negisa said...

"The meaning of marriage cannot be redefined, because its meaning lies in our very nature," the Catholic leader wrote. "Therefore, regardless of what law is enacted, marriage remains the union of one man and one woman – by the very design of nature, it cannot be otherwise."

Then what the fuck is he complaining about? Seriously, if it doesn't matter what the law says, why freak the hell out over changes to that law?