Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The marriage equality argument will be determined by the children of same-sex families

I now make a prediction. The fight over marriage equality will be determined not just by simplicity of love that same-sex couples show for each other, but also the love publicly shown to them by their children. The young man in the above video, Riley Roberts, makes an impassioned plea for his two mothers on May 23 in front of the Nevada Assembly. Try keeping your eyes dry while watching it.


Jesse said...

I've watched a few of the linked videos. A majority of them have been written by the parents themselves. There's no way a 5 year old could've written the one I just saw. Though this is great and all, it doesn't actually count as a child testifying. I could write something on a piece of paper and have a 5 year old say it.

Jerry Callender said...

This should not even be up for discussion....ALL Americans are guaranteed the same RIGHTS by the CONSTITUTION.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying this for years. Even people who don't like us don't want to hurt children. People need to realize that our families do exist regardless of how they think things "should be". They need to realize that the inablity to marry hurts our children.