Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Watch how religious right groups exploit Boy Scout controversy

Don't believe the religious right when they say that they are all broken up over the decision by the Boy Scouts to allow gay youth. Based upon the above cartoon from the American Family Association's One News Now, fake morality groups will continue to milk the situation to their benefit.

Well at least THIS TIME, lgbts aren't portrayed as sex maniacs. Although I doubt being compared to a ravenous, bloodthirsty bear is a step up.


Christian said...

Oh dear me I didn’t realize the American Family Association had a news site. That is potentially the worst news I have heard all year.

As for the gay scouts, FINALLY. Why they are allowed to discriminate when they are a non-profit is beyond me.

Erica Cook said...

I will give them one thing, I agree that "tolerance" is a real problem. When we merely tolerate a person you are saying, "I'm better than you, but I can put up with your inadequacies."

Unknown said...

"Well at least THIS TIME, lgbts aren't portrayed as sex maniacs."
But they are.

1) The Boy Scouts of America’s acceptance of gay kids will lead to their acceptance of gay scout leaders, which is true, lest they be labeled a bigoted supremacist group and dissolve.

2) It insinuates that kids in the scouts under 18 are perfectly innocent until the stroke of midnight when they turn 18, at which point they spontaneously morph into child molesting predators.

An inane assertion, given that it’s the gay family men who’ve repressed their true orientation (or that part of their orientation if they‘re Bisexual) who are the most dangerous.

Those who’ve been out, about and proud since youth -- generally speaking -- would be least likely to feel the need to have sex with kids because their emotional growth would not have been stunted.