Friday, July 26, 2013

'Buzzfeed publishes viciously homophobic comments from Russia article' and other Friday midday news briefs

This Is What Happens When You Write About Homophobia In Russia - Buzzfeed wrote about homophobia in Russia and some of the comments left will chill your bones, raise your blood pressure, or simply make you weep at the thought of how cruel people can be to each other.

NOM’s Ruth Institute: Marriage equality will ‘treat mothers like slaves, children like chattel’ - Oh for Pete's sake! NOM sinks again.  

Klingenschmitt: 'The Demonic Spirits Inside The Homosexual Agenda' Are Trying To Recruit Your Kids - With rhetoric like this on video, no wonder there is so much homophobia in places like Russia.  

Ohio Plans Unspeakably Cruel Appeal Of Dying Man’s Last Wish - Oh come on, Ohio! Have a heart!  

San Diego Lawmakers And Residents Object To Their Anti-Gay County Clerk - See what happens when you don't do your job.

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